Safranin is also termed as SAFRANIN -O. Another name for it is BASIC RED 2. Safranin is a biological stain which is used in histology. It is also useful in cytology. Safranin is used as a counter stain in some staining protocols.Safranins are obtained by the joint oxidation of one molecule of a para -diamine with two molecules of a primary amine.

Chemical Name 3,7-diamino-2,8-dimethyl-5-phenyl-phenazinium chloride
C.I.No. 50240
C.I.Genetic Name Basic Red 2
C.A.S. NO 477-73-6
Chemical Formula BC20H19ClN4
Molecular Weight 350.85 gm/mole
Dye Content (Spectrophotometry) =>98%
Absorption Max (50% Ethanol) = 530 - 534 nm
Absorptivity (A1%/1cm., in 50% Ethanol) =>1450
Loss On Drying (110° C) = < 5 %

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